Our Services

Gio Technologies services include:

We manufacture, supply, install, service and maintain a comprehensive portfolio of security related equipment
We customise products and services to the specific needs of every individual client, and
We have the expertise, competence and experience to advise clients on best solutions for every situation.

Our Products

The Gio Technologies products list includes:

Cash in Transit (CIT)
- Vehicles
- Cross pavement carriers (Money Safes)
- Bullet Proof Vests
- Cash Trolleys for casinos

Protector Bullet Proof Vest All Levels
- Economy wraparound and undercover vests
- Black, Navy, white and Camo coloured vests

NIJ Standard, SAANS & SABS Approved

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
- Pepper Spray
- Stun Guns
- Knives
- Paintball guns
- Pellet guns and pistols
- Pepper Grenades
- Smoke Grenades
- Pepper Grenades
- 2 Way Radios
- Spy Cameras.
Access Control
- Automated Boom for casinos etc.
- Automated Boom Spikes for casinos etc.
- Automated Turn styles
- Walk through metal detectors
- Safe protection devises Doors, Bars, Maglocks.
- Parking Barriers &
- Wheel Clamps

Protector Pepper Spray Gas Alarm Management Systems
- Home Portable Gas Alarm
- Cash Office Gas Alarm
- Industrial Gas Alarm.
All Systems can run off Mains or Solar Panels

Riot Control Military Standard Products
- Helmets with or without neck flaps
- Riot Shields
- Full Body Protection (groin included)
- Leg Protection
- Arm Protection
- Tonfa batons
- Ballistic helmets & shields
- Electrified shields.

Quality Assurance

The GIO Technologies quality management has been built up systematically over many years, and comprises every aspect of our business. We have an unrelenting quest for excellence and continual improvement.

Our operations are compliant with international ISO 9001:2008 standards instructed by the following criteria:
Customer focus
People involvement
Process approach
System approach to management
Continual improvement
Factual approach to decision making
Mutually beneficial supplier.

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